DMSMCA’s bed bug program was created in response to an identified need in our community for an on the ground bed bug response aimed at helping community members combat and prevent bed bugs. Due to the complexity of dealing with bed bugs, and the likelihood that the bed bug problem could become worse, it was noted that more community education and outreach was needed to address the issue. It is also important that landlords, tenants, and agency representatives are educated on bed bug identification and treatment techniques as well as navigating their rights and responsibilities when dealing with bed bug infestations.

Our Outreach and prevention Coordinator works in partnership with the Province of Manitoba Bed Bug Strategy and Manitoba Bug N Scrub to provide a wide variety of services which range from workshops for tenants, agency staff, and property owners to advocacy and on site assistance with bed bug issues. DMSMCA also has a steam cleaner and two high quality vacuums to lend (with $50 deposit and ID) and helps community members with access to bed bug mattress covers and traps.

All community members including landlords, tenants, and agency staff are encouraged to contact Brendan with any bed bug issue, to book a workshop, or assist with a bed bug strategy. Anyone looking for educational material for display or distribution are encouraged to contact Brendan at 204-774-7005 (ext 109) or at

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