As an organisation we have decided to no longer carry mattress covers.  It is our opinion that mattress covers offer little to no protection and are more of a band aid solution.  With a little effort, using a steamer, vacuum and 99% isopropyl alcohol, a mattress can be free of bed bugs.  One can sleep safe and free of bed bugs without a mattress cover but it is crucial to have your bed up off the ground (with a bed frame) and protected (with defenders). For residents of the Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews area of Winnipeg we offer some bed bug remediation materials at low, or in certain situations, no cost.  This includes bed frames, bed leg defenders and sticky traps.  If you live outside of the DMSMCA neighbourhood, there are other organisations who can provide bed bug remediation materials.  This includes the Spence Neighbourhood Association and the West Broadway Community Organisation.  We also carry the full line of the Manitoba Government’s bed bug prevention literature free of charge.    This includes a bed bug information pamphlet and and a brochure on how to get your home ready for treatment.  Low cost bed bug mattress covers are no longer available through the MCC store or the R.A.Y. thrift store.  Unfortunately the Provincial Government of Manitoba have cancelled the program and are no longer offering the service.  Feel free to contact me for more information.


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