-Panic, you are not alone. There are many resources to turn to and the situation can be remedied.

-Change where you sleep. You will likely spread the infestation which will typically stay localized to where you sleep.

-Leave your clothing on the floor, particularly beside your bed. Bed bugs can harbour in your clothes and then can be spread to the rest of your home and even to your work or other places you visit.

-Self treat with store bought chemicals. This may kill some of the bugs but will likely also spread bugs to other places in your home or even to your neighbours.

-Put untreated items on a treated bed. This means you need to change into treated clothing before going to bed.

-Store things under your bed. This will provide a place for bugs to hide.


-Be patient. Treatment takes time but is worth it.

-Isolate your bed. Your bed should not be touching the wall or the curtains. Also make sure that your bedding is not touching the ground.

-Vacuum regularly. This includes your bed, couch, and chairs.

-Cooperate with your landlord and exterminators. The more everyone works together, the more effective the treatment will be.

-Wrap your furniture with furniture wrap before removing it from your home. If you do not, bugs can fall off during transport and spread throughout your home/apartment building.

-Transport your laundry in bags or in a sterilized sheet. Again, this eliminates the risk of spreading bugs through your home/apartment building.