-Bed bugs do not discriminate; they do not care about how much money you make or where you live.

-Bed bugs do not spread disease though the majority of people react to their bites. Bed bug bites are often itchy, much like a mosquito bite.

-Bed bugs do not only live on beds; they can be found anywhere in the home (or on a bus, in the library, etc…).

-Bed bugs are not caused by poor sanitation though clutter provides ample space for them to hide.

-Self treatment is self sabotage. Treating bed bugs with store bought chemicals simply spreads the problem; seek professional treatment.

-Bed bugs usually stay within 5 feet of the host (you); they sense your presence through your body heat and the carbon dioxide you emit.

-Around one third of the population does not react to bed bug bites which means you should conduct regular visual inspections.

-Bed bugs do not jump or fly.

-Bed bugs typically hide during the day and feed at night though they can come out and feed during the day.

-Bed bugs are small but are still quite visible.

-If you get bed bugs, you do not need to throw everything out. Most possessions can be successfully treated by professional exterminators.

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