Here at our Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association office we have two of the most effective tools to combat bed bugs and you can rent them for free with a $50 deposit and some valid identification (ex. Manitoba license, Manitoba Health card).

One of the most effective tools to get rid of and prevent the spread of bed bugs is a simple vacuum.  Vacuums can be used on beds, floors, baseboards and furniture.  The vacuum we offer for rental is a high quality Dyson bag-less vacuum.  With its simplicity and no vacuum bag to worry about, it makes the job a breeze.

One of the tools in the fight against bed bugs is the steamer.  Our steamer is a high quality steamer, the same one that it used by the provinces Bug N Scrub program.  The steamer can be used on most surfaces and kills bugs on contact.  It is recommended that you vacuum before steaming for maximum effectiveness.

Each tool comes with instructions and can be borrowed for up to a week at a time.  Please call our office at 204-774-7005 ext 109 to check availability.  If you have no means to get the tools home (as they are fairly large and heavy), arrangements can be made for drop-off and pick-up.


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