Bed Bugs? Don’t Fight Them Alone! Tell your landlord!
By James Lyons

Discovering bed bugs in your home or apartment can be an extremely alarming situation and, quite often, panic can be the first response. For renters, this is magnified as many people are worried that they could be stuck with a large exterminator bill. My advice is do NOT panic! Bed bugs are treatable, and starting with the right strategy will improve your chances of success and reduce or eliminate the need to throw away your beds and couches.
If you discover bed bugs, you have a responsibility to tell your landlord, and your landlord has a responsibility to have your suite treated. That being said, getting rid of bed bugs takes more than a trip from the exterminator, and you are responsible for preparing your suite properly for extermination. The amount of preparation and cooperation between you and your landlord is a major factor in how successful you will be in getting rid of bugs.
Firstly, do not self treat with store bought chemicals for bed bugs, and do not allow your landlord to self treat. This can lead to an infestation becoming worse. A professional exterminator knows how to properly spray chemicals for bed bug elimination. Secondly, you need to be prepared to take important cleaning steps that will include laundering all of your clothes and linens (heat is an excellent bed bug killer), vacuuming often, eliminating clutter from your apartment, and properly organizing your suite for the exterminator to have access. If you do not cooperate with your landlord’s extermination plan, you can be charged or evicted!
Steam cleaning and Bed Bug mattress covers can also assist you in your bed bug fight. If you are on social assistance, talk to your case coordinator about having a mattress cover and some of your laundry costs covered. Mattress covers and traps can be purchased at low cost in the community as well, please call us for details. We can provide access to a vacuum or steam cleaner with a deposit. Also feel free to contact for more bed bug tips! If you are unable to prepare your suite yourself because of a mobility issue or disability, you may qualify for the Bug ‘N’ Scrub program, please contact us for information.
If your landlord does not want to cooperate when you discover bed bugs, please feel free to contact Brendan at 204-774-7005 ext 109. We work in the Spence, Daniel McIntyre,St. Matthews, and West Broadway Neighbourhoods. You can also contact the Provincial Bed Bug Hotline at 1-855-362-2847.

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